Anago Tourism Adventures

Anago Tourism Adventures

Anogo Tourism Adventures

Anago James Akeem Oladejiakin Osho

Anago Prince James C.E.O

Anago Prince James.

is an enigma and the Passion for what he does is one of his greatest strong hold. Another strength is his unrelenting thirst for Research works. However, Tourism, Adventures, Story telling, Tourist Guiding, Ecotourism, History, Public Speaking, Anago Prince's EwiAkin Urban Folk music, Children Care and World Culture thrills his inner most being. He is a Social Studies Teacher. He is a member of the Demosite Management Committee on the COAST PROJECT- Badagry, facilitated and sponsored by the United Nation Industrial Development Organization and the United Nation World Tourism Organization in Badagry. The project was aimed at promoting and developing Coastal Tourism. He Published his book titled LEKELEKE in may 2015. It is a collection of Stories, Poems, Maxims and Adventure pictures. He is interested in the Spiritual aspect of the Slave trade which the world (especially Africa) is not paying Attention to. He is the founder of ANAGO TOURISM ADVENTURES.


On tour

On tour with Anogo James.


The Tour Guide

Olumo rock

Anago Prince with Santiago Romeo III and some other Tourists at the Olumo rock, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Anago at the beach

Anago Prince and some tourist

Anago Tourist ladies

Anago Prince and ladies. Tourist

  Anago Prince invites you to visit Badagry on your next vacation. WELCOME TO BADAGRY

Tour, explore, and experience the alluring Badagry through the eyes of a Tourist guide and Historian. Badagry allures and this is evident in the people who visits Badagry. It is a serene and peaceful town. Badagry is more than just being a tourist destination. It is history, nature, culture, and for those seeking new prospects to explore. It is an investors haven.

Badagry is calling all those who adores her everywhere. Her children are those who cherished her, yearn her development, who will preserve her, and love her either Black or white, irrespective of race and tribe.

Come to Badagry and be received by friendly people who will welcome you with a warm smile. Come and experience the alluring Badagry.

Slave Market

Welcome to Badagry

        BADAGRY: Trip to yesterday Your trip to Badagry is a journey and reflection into the past. It is culture, and the potential of this part of Africa. Her history and involvement with the slave trade during the transatlantic slave trade is worthy of study and experience. There are slave museums in Badagry which keeps the memories.
Badagry slave Relics

Mobee family.

Anago Adventures is ready to trill you on your visit to Badagry. Contact Anago Adventures Brazillian Barracoon of Seriki Abass 125, Marina Road, Seriki Abass Compound, Beside Post Office, Badagry, Lagos State. Mobile Number: +234-803-704-3233 E-Mail: